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  • Central Air Conditioning Average Repair Cost

    Pinpointing the cost of an air conditioning repair takes years of experience to properly calculate.

    The most common repairs are:

    Capacitor Capacitors are a common and easy Central Air Conditioning repair job that runs between $75.00 to $125.00.

    Circuit Relay can run $195.00 to $395.00

    Freon with federal regulation attempting to eliminate some refrigeration due to harming the atmosphere cost due range greatly from 65.00 a pound to 185.00 a pound freon is sold by the pound and measured in several ways. Freon is only available to certified technicians, asking for the technician’s certification is advisable and must be on technicians person when working on refrigeration units.

    Condensing Fan Motors are also common and manufacturer-specific generally run between 295.00 and 495.00 plus installation and difficulty of job can vary.

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