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  • Boiler Tune-Ups

    Boilers are preferred by some for less dust, less maintenance, and sometimes less expensive monthly energy bills. However, boilers still do need intermittent servicing to avoid breakdown, slow response, and ensure proper heat distribution throughout your home. Please have a look at our “Boiler Tune-Up Checklist” to increase your boiler’s efficiency and decrease the chances of a breakdown.

    Boiler Tune-Up Checklist

    1. Visual Inspection
      • Check for significant corrosion on the boiler’s outer sheet metal, its cast-iron sections, flue, electrical controls, nearby piping, and components.
      • Check above-ground oil tanks and lines for leakage.
      • The boiler should have an oil shutoff valve positioned before the fuel filter cartridge. Install one if needed, preferably one that cuts off fuel flow in the event of a fire. Replace compression fittings on oil lines with flare fittings.
      • Make sure the burner’s air inlets and shutters are free of lint and dust.
      • Open the boiler top or look through the inspection port to check for cracks in the firebox or on the target wall (the fire clay box or wall that the burner fires into or against).
      • Remove the burner electrode assembly. Check the electrodes and their porcelains. Adjust the electrode spacing.
      • Check the transformer bushings, springs, and ignition wiring.
      • Check the burner motor shaft for end play. Lubricate the burner motor and circulators if they are not permanently lubricated types.
      • Check the draft regulator for free movement.
    1. Cleaning
      • Remove the boiler flue sections. Brush and vacuum them clean.
      • Brush clean the surfaces of the boiler sections.
      • Clean the cadmium-sulfide flame sensor (the cad-cell eye), check its alignment, and check its wires.
      • Clean the burner air tube.

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