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  • Furnace Cleaning

    Furnace cleaning has many benefits, first and foremost it keeps more money in your family’s pockets. From increasing the efficiency of your furnace to extending its life, regular and thorough maintenance goes a long way. Not to mention that almost all breakdowns can be connected to a lack of regular maintenance.

    Furnace cleaning is the single best way to stay away from a breakdown. Do not be caught off guard with a furnace that does not run when your family needs it most. Breakdowns are largely avoidable and we hope you will leverage our “Furnace Inspection Checklist” below to ensure yours is running properly.

    Furnace Inspection Checklist

    • Thermostat
      • Check thermostat for proper setting and replace batteries if needed
      • Check furnace air filter
      • Check fuses or circuit breakers
      • Check electrical on/off switch is in the proper position
      • Check furnace doors are on securely
      • Also: Cycling electrical on/off may get heat on. This may be only a temporary fix. If the furnace goes out again call us immediately.
    • Combustion Chamber
      • Pull the burners and brush them
      • Vacuum and inspect heat exchanger for cracks
      • Vacuum and inspect burner compartments
      • Inspect secondary heat exchangers for leaks
      • Check and adjust gas pressure
      • Check air shutter position
    • Blower Housing
      • Inspect blower wheel
      • Oil motor
    • Ventilation
      • Check for duct leaks
      • Check chimney for obstruction
      • Inspect vent pipe and pitch for leaks

    Some of these items, as you can see, are easy to monitor and should be no problem to keep an eye on year-round. Others may be more difficult and are really best left to a professional. We would be more than happy to help!

    We proudly serve Chicago, Riverside, Oak Park, La Grange, Oak Brook, Lemont, and the surrounding areas with top-notch furnace cleaning and inspection services.

    Call 773-586-5000, or click below to schedule your furnace cleaning.

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