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  • Average Furnace Repair Costs

    Pinpointing an average furnace repair cost is difficult because technicians deal with a broad range of components. There are roughly 20+ components inside of an average furnace and any one of them could require repair/replacement.

    Nonetheless, some parts are more common to service than others.

    The three most common components that we replace are:

    Ignitor Repair

    Eight out of ten times, it is a bad ignitor and most replacements run $175-$295 and are (manufacturer specific).

    Regular maintenance should keep ignitors clean. However, if too much time has passed or if they get too dirty, they can be too far gone, leaving you with no other option, but to throw them away and replace them. If not remedied in time, dirty igniters can cause a slew of other issues running up the cost of the repair/replacement.

    Flame sensors also tend to malfunction when they become dirty, but unlike ignitors, they usually return to normal with a thorough cleaning.

    Thermostat Repair

    From a cost perspective, a faulty thermostat is probably the best scenario for furnace repair as basic thermostats are usually affordable.

    If the batteries are dead, popping in new ones should resume communication between the thermostat and furnace. Restoring heat.

    If you need a thermostat replacement, a basic model may run as little as $145, plus the charge for installation. More advanced options, such as automated thermostats, can cost $200 or more.

    Furnace Motor Repair

    Unlike dead thermostat batteries, a dead or dying furnace motor is a very serious issue, especially in extreme weather and one that may cost time in addition to money.

    Draft inducer motors, for example, may cost $400 to $700. Plus installation. However, these are manufacturer specific, so technicians may not have the right one in the middle of the night which can in some instances delay and increase the cost of repair.

    Blower motors, on the other hand, tend to be more available because they are based on size and horsepower, and voltage, meaning they are generally universal and should always be on hand.

    They potentially cost more, running between $400 and $1,500 depending on size, horsepower, and level of sophistication. Some blower motors even link up to computers to help them run more efficiently. These are the ones that generally carry a higher price tag.

    Almost everything that goes wrong with a furnace traces back to a lack of maintenance.

    We highly recommend inspections annually. If you go two or three years, you increase the chances of something going wrong. It’s going to cost you quite a bit more because it’ll be an emergency.

    Like a dental cleaning or an oil change, a seasonal furnace tune-up prevents small issues from becoming major problems.

    For instance, consider the grime on the blower wheel. Buildup on the blower wheel can cause an imbalance that over-amps the motor. A typical blower motor can last 12 to 20 years.

    Having a tech come out can identify problems early before they cause the furnace to stop working and you have no other choice but to pay for emergency service.

    Change furnace filters regularly

    It does not take that much buildup to really hinder heating performance. 1/16 inch of dirt will drop airflow by roughly 20%.

    An easy way to prevent or slow dirt and dust from building up is to change your furnace filters regularly. 1-inch filters should be changed every 30 days.

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